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Written by Ken Wornick

Backed by 20+ vintages and many dozens of wines produced, Ken is a Sonoma-based wine consultant and founder of Hydeout Sonoma and Dysfunctional Family Winery.

March 18, 2018


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Meet the winners of the Hydeout Sonoma blogpost contest. These 3 eagle-eyed readers spotted my-newt joke in the previous blog post….

For their efforts, they each received a bottle of 2016 “Dysfunctional Family” wine ( a new ‘second label’ project we introduced this vintage), a photo-op, and the incredible fame that comes with this post!

Lori Melancon, Lola Farms, Sonoma

Lori leads all gardening activities at Lola farm, and manages their organic certification program, and makes a truly farm-to-table lunch, less than 300 feet from the farm to the table; if you are lucky enough to be there at lunchtime. Lori, and husband Chris, also run a “Hog Share” program –  It’s simple. You purchase a whole or portion of a live hog, called a share, and Lola Sonoma Farms handles the rest – from raising and harvesting the animal to coordinating with the butcher and ensuring you have a great experience throughout the process. Click on this link to visit, learn, shop…

Sharon Knight, Tech Exec

Sharon’s new position at Hawthorne Effect brings her patient experience focus to the world of clinical trials where 10% – 50% of patients are lost to attrition and trials are riddled with missing data, weakening the assessment of drug and device efficacy and safety. Sharon’s linkedin page is: 

Sharon Knight’s LinkedIn page

Sharon is headed to what she, and husband John Hornbaker, hope will be a life changing experience in Germany, in Uberlingen, above Lake Constance – which the Germans call Bodensee, a clinic for therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration:

Ken Stokes, Executive

Ken is busy with too many exciting things to count. Highlights include being the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Olin College Of Engineering outside Boston, Mass., serves on the Advisory Board of the Sonoma Valley Fund (which is part of the Community Foundation Sonoma County), and is a board member of the  Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. When it comes to giving back, Ken is the very definition.

Upcoming blog post: We visit a winery at the equator, by motorcycle…

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